3 “I Can’t Believe It’s Legal” Strategies To Acquire Properties For $0.00

What if I told you that the way I do real estate, that price is often $0?

I’ve made MILLIONS of dollars as a real estate investor by having homeowners hand me over their house for free...

  • No Banks
  • No Credit Checks
  • All Completely Legal and Ethical

And I do it by using 3 ridiculously simple strategies. Strategies I’m going to teach you on this page. Below you’ll discover:

  • How to create massively profitable deals from leads most other investors think are worthless
  • How to sidestep the big banks and do deals without the need of funding or credit
  • The 3 types of income streams I create on every deal (one of which Uncle Sam can’t touch)
  • How to make your $0 offers more irresistible than all-cash offers other investors make
  • Why I believe if you are only doing traditional wholesaling in today’s market, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table
  • My simple formula that can allow you to immediately put big fat checks in your pocket



  • It’s NOT “flipping” or “wholesaling” properties...
  • And you don’t need to use your own cash or credit.


Real Houses I’ve Bought For Free Using 3 Creative Strategies

Now imagine owning dozens... maybe even hundreds of houses that pay you month after month.

  • Houses that build your net worth, even in a down economy.
  • Houses that protect your money from rapid inflation.


Get Paid Month After Month Till The End Of Time With This Passive Income Loophole

These strategies aren’t only good for quick profits...they will help you to secure passive monthly income. The more houses you close (FOR FREE!) the more you can sit back and watch the cash roll in.

And that’s what you want, don’t you? Passive income.

...so when it’s time for a vacation or if you want to travel the world...the money keeps pouring in.

Hey, I’m Cody Sperber...

...and people call me the Clever Investor.


15 years ago, fresh out of the Navy, I decided to get into real estate. But I had one major challenge... I was broke. So the obvious move was to become a real estate “wholesaler”.


If you’re not familiar with wholesaling, it is when you go out and find a motivated seller -- someone with massive financial pain -- and offer them a lowball offer well below what their property is worth. If they accept your offer, you mark up the deal somewhere between $5,000 to $25,000 and then quickly try to find a cash buyer -- typically a landlord or a rehabber that has deep pockets.


And while the wholesale strategy got me in the game, and eventually made me a lot of money, I wasn’t building real wealth.

If I stopped working... my income stopped too.

Plus, a lot of the homeowners I was talking to didn’t want to sell their properties at a discount. So they simply told me “NO”.

Then guess what I did...Nothing.

I would simply move on to another homeowner and hope they were motivated enough to sell at a big discount. And I was missing out on BIG paydays because...

I didn’t have a way to turn “NOs” into “YESES”.

Truth is...

If I wouldn't have discovered my 3 unique free house strategies I would’ve had mediocre results like every other house flipper in town.

Instead, these 3 strategies gave me the edge I needed to find, close, and profit big -- even in “bad” markets or with leads that other investors simply gave up on.

Now listen... I’m not here to sell you some pipedream of becoming a millionaire overnight. I’ve spent years building my real estate empire and it wasn’t always easy.

The truth is...

While I did make over $1,000,000 in profit my first year after discovering these strategies, I’m 100% certain that my results are not typical.

And it took me YEARS of trial and error to discover the strategies below.

But be warned...

‘House Flippers’ And ‘Wholesalers’ Might Not Make It Out Of This Chopy US Economy Alive...

The U.S. Government pumped TRILLIONS of dollars into the economy. I’m no economist, but what that means is that there are a lot of people who are struggling...

...AND because of the threat of inflation things are only going to get worse.

The housing bubble is about to burst again, but this time it won’t be a bubble -- it’s going to be a tidal wave.

Causing a mass of defaults and foreclosure crisis.

It’s not just me who sees this tsunami coming.

Why U.S. Housing Bubble 2.0
Is About To Burst

This means if you don’t have anything to differentiate yourself from all the other investors, there’s little hope you can profit BIG from this massive redistribution of wealth.

...possibly the biggest redistribution in American history.

Because you’ll be fishing in the same pond as everybody else who wants to break into the market. Hoping you find the right seller... at the right time... who’s willing to part ways for a big loss.

Instead these 3 free house strategies will help you:


These 3 little-known strategies made me a multi-millionaire before 30

Stop before you scroll any further!

If you want to fish in the same pond as every other real estate investor; same strategies, same offers, same markets...exit this page right now.

Cause 99% of investors only know how to throw fast balls -- all cash offers.

They haven’t learned to throw a curve, slider, or change-up.

And if you’re stuck on trying to throw faster, instead of learning these new approaches you’ll never make it to the big leagues.


Eventually, the deals will run out...or the competition will get too strong...or the margins just won’t make sense. And you’ll be left empty handed.

Been there done that.

And I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

So if you’re committed to these 3 strategies... I know you’ll be successful.

The Free House Formula is simple...

Problem + Solution = Profit

By providing a better solution you create deals where everybody wins. And when everybody wins, you get paid. You just need to have a better solution than just an all cash offer. And like I already told you...

I have 3 solutions that wipe the floor with all cash offers...

The best part?

No guesswork.

That’s why it is working so well for my students...



My point here is that with the Free House Formula... there isn’t anything creative about it. I’ve boiled it down and made it paint-by-numbers simple.

But to demonstrate HOW SIMPLE it is to use these strategies no matter if you’re a beginner in the middle of Iowa, or a veteran in the heart of Manhattan...here’s an example:



She was someone who had a situation where she owned her house free and clear and was starting the process of remodeling it to get ready for sale when the contractor she hired off of craigslist screwed her and stole a bunch of money right in the middle of the job.

Her property was a mess and the parts of the house the guy did remodel was not done correctly so she was losing her patience and began to look for other solutions.

So by the time I got a hold of Dianne she had already spoken to like a dozen real estate wholesalers.They all talked a big game, but in the end, they all offered the exact same solution...

“Why don’t you just sell me your house at a big discount and I’ll pay cash.”

Yeah right.

Look, that might have worked in 2008, but today traditional wholesalers are a dime a dozen. So what did I do?

Did I offer a few thousand bucks more than the last guy?


I told Dianne I’d take the house for free.

And she took it... happily.

Now that might sound crazy, because I haven’t told you something.


I Used A Financial Strategy Called The Bank Bypass To Get Dianne’s House Free...


I negotiated based on the terms!

And when you play with the numbers (using my formula) some crazy stuff can happen.

I simply plugged her situation into my 1st equation -- called the Bank Bypass and showed her the numbers...

It was one of the easiest contracts I’ve ever done because the terms made it almost impossible for her to say no. Despite other investors and wholesalers failing to get her home under contract.

I Asked One Simple Question

How much do you want for the house (in its current condition)?

She thought the house was worth $225,000 after it was fixed up, but she would take $175,000 if she didn’t have to make any more repairs.

How about I pay you $10,000 MORE than what you want -- $185,000?

And Instead of taking ALL the money upfront are you willing to split it up into equal monthly payments?

Basically I would step in and start making her payments of $550 per month (which is borrowing $185,000 from her at 0% amortized over 30 years) We would balloon the loan in 10 years and whatever balance was left over at that time I would pay off in full.

The end result? She said YES!


Here’s the house...


But Why Did She Say Yes, Cody?

Because she was able to get her full asking price (PLUS some) for a property she was literally pulling her hair out over and wanted nothing to do with.

And I was able to step into a house that rents for almost $1500 a month...So after taxes and insurance I was pocketing about $650 a month in PURE CASHFLOW.

Even better...

The tenant I found was a handyman and told me he would make the repairs if I took a few hundred bucks off the rents for the first year.

And all my payments went towards THE PRINCIPAL increasing my net worth. That’s the key. Investing towards the principle, not interest.

So Why Did I Use A Bank Bypass?

And when a homeowner has complete ownership of the property this puts you at the most significant financial advantage, while giving the homeowner the most juicy deal.



Use This If They Don’t Own The House Free And Clear...

This was Jason’s house:


Jason was behind on payments and had no equity in the home. The last place a homeowner wants to be in. So admittedly, he was motivated to get out. But nothing out of the ordinary. Especially not now.

...because of this current economic climate, something the US hasn’t ever seen, deals exactly like this one will flood the market in the next few months. If you’re prepared, you can profit big, just like I did.

But don’t just take my word for it.

CNBC reported that 4.75 million homeowners are in government or private sector mortgage forbearance programs... meaning they are behind on their mortgage and are asking for help
According to Bloomberg As many as 30% of Americans with home loans – about 15 million households – could stop paying

So just like many Americans in the last few months, Jason lost his job and primary source of income. And as he fell behind on the mortgage the anxiety that his credit would get destroyed was overwhelming.

Because if he didn’t sell, and sell fast, the house would eventually be foreclosed.

And because, like any of us, he didn’t want his friends or family to know he was struggling he was eager for a solution.

But when presented with all cash offers by other investors and wholesalers Jason told them the bad news...

“I have no equity and I’m behind on payments”

And just like that all the investors left.

That’s right. They wasted a perfectly good opportunity to solve Jason’s problem and make a profit because they didn’t know what I like to call -- the mortgage magic solution.


I Used A Strategy Called Mortgage Magic Because Jason Had No Equity And Was Behind On Payments

Now I have to admit, I didn’t invent this strategy. A select few advanced investors use this to profit from deals wholesalers overlook.

But I added a simple clause to my contracts to do 2 things:

Don’t worry, I’ll give you 100% access and rights to use my contracts so you don’t have to spend $10,000s on expensive attorney fees to get this right.

Now...there’s one other thing I haven’t told you. Sometimes you have to be a bit flexible in the beginning to profit big in the end. So to get Jason to happily hand over his house for “free” I did end up paying a few of his mortgage payments that were late.

But if you’re worried you don’t have the cash to front for this kinda deal, I have some great news...

You’re about to get complete access to my premier deal network -- a community of 1000s of investors hungry to do deals with people who don’t have the cash.

...like this guy!


That way you can still profit big without upfronting the cash when you find homeowners in situations like Jason’s above.

How cool is that?

Well, it depends...

“How Much Did You Profit From Jason’s Deal?”

First, it t took 3 weeks to get ALL my money back on a great home.

And the best part?

...while Jason was able to get out of a sticky situation without letting the whole world know.

Allowing him to:

That’s what I call a WIN/WIN!

And while I could give you countless examples of deals I’ve done like this, I’m way more proud of the deals my students are doing:

Like Mike & Carol Murphy who made $11,300 on this free house using my Free House Formula...

Or Sheryl Gaash who used to be in the house cleaning business. She used my free house formula strategies as a side hustle and did so many deals that she’s now retired and living in Costa Rica.

And look at this direct message I got from Dinesh bragging about a recent creative deal he just did using my Bank Bypass Solution strategy...

I love this one because he not only got a free house with $600 a month in passive cashflow...the property had an old boat on it which the seller gave him and he sold it and used the money to fix the place up. That’s creative real estate and I can’t wait to help you get deals like this done!

Here’s another one from Abdul who made $22,500 upfront and over $745 a month in cashflow from 2 free houses he acquired using my strategies.

Or Denise who I introduced you to earlier...she now has over 88 properties in her growing portfolio and is dominating her competition in Louisiana...


Here’s What To Do Next If You Want To Get Houses For Free Like Me And My Students...

You simply need to prepare for the literal wave of housing problems that is JUST BEGINNING to hit the market...

And arm yourself with the proven solutions to those problems -- the free house formula!

And while I don’t necessarily want to make my final formula public, because its the most profitable and gives me the biggest edge...

I’ll make you a deal...

See once you apply my formulas to the current and future housing market, it’ll get easy to properties for free. And at that point it’s hard NOT to make money. In fact, there’s 3 different income streams these investment strategies will give you.

  1. You can make immediate profits by quick flipping the deals
  2. You can make even bigger profits if you want to rehab and sell the house
  3. You can rent the houses so you can make monthly cash flow (my favorite)


This Is How To Build Real Wealth On Autopilot...

With all 3 income streams above your wealth will grow for generations. And help take care of my kids, grandkids, and even great grandchildren.


Plus, when you follow these investment strategies you pay LESS in taxes.

Did you know that the tax code is 6550 pages long, yet only one is designed to say what you pay taxes for? The other 6549 pages list all the incentives and activities to LOWER your taxes.

These free house strategies appear within those pages.

That’s when people will scratch their heads at how littles tax you pay, yet how much money you make. And once you know how to do it right, it’ll feel almost unfair.

But the truth is, it’s completely legal.


You’re Only One House Away...



These people weren’t real estate pros when they got started. They all started exactly where you are today. And they were just smart enough to follow my step-by-step formula.


It’s as simple as knowing my 3 simple solutions. Solutions that 99.9% of people don’t know about...

And turning struggling homeowner’s problems into income-producing assets.

Profit at EVERY stage of the deal… now, during, and at the end.


“What exactly do I get with the Free House Formula and how much is it going to cost me?”

Module 1:

A reference guide with downloads of all my plug and play formulas that will save you thousands if not tens of thousands on legal fees and other set up costs. Since I’ve already done it, you don’t need to. Just copy and paste.

Module 2:

How to find the deals... and lots of them.

As Barbara Corcoran said, I’m the king of lead generation… and I’m going to show you how to get all the best deals that your competitors don’t even know exist.

Module 3:

How to use my Bank Bypass Solution so you can get free houses from homeowners who have equity.

Module 4:

Master my Mortgage Magic Solution so you can also help those homeowners who don’t have any equity in their homes.

Module 5:

Discover my Money Merger Solution. I’m saving that one for the member’s area because it is so profitable, yet so simple, I didn’t want to share it with the general public...

Module 6:

How to close the deal like a pro even if you suck at negotiation. Remember, I break down all the details so that anybody, at any level, can start doing deals as fast as humanly possible.

Claim These 5 Deal-Making Bonuses When You Invest In Free House Formula Today!


If you thought to yourself... “Cody, I’m sure I can learn this stuff, but can I really explain it to a homeowner?” The good news is that you don’t have to.

These 3 animated videos will clearly and concisely describe each of the 3 deal types, so you don’t have to worry about explaining it wrong.

Simply email or share these videos with the homeowner and you’ll GREATLY improve your chance of getting the deal done.


I don’t have to tell you that attorneys aren’t cheap, and I hired the best in the business for the Free House Formula.

These contracts include clauses to help maximize your profits and minimize your risks, and I’ll even teach you how to customize them for your deals. It’s point and click simple.


Although this bonus is completely optional...you get 30 days FREE.

It includes my Deal analyzer software so you can quickly and easily tell the good deals from the duds, and be 100% certain you use the best strategy every time...

It includes Deal Support so you can ask our private community of professionals your most pressing real estate questions...

And last but not least is our Deal Network, so you can tap into thousands of investors… investors like me and my successful students... so we can all make money TOGETHER.


I truly want you to be my next success story and to prove it to you, I’m going to put you on the phone with one of my Business Development Consultants.

These are professionals I’ve personally trained to help you get off to a great start. They will spend 1-on-1 time to learn about your goals, help you overcome your obstacles and ensure your success comes faster than you ever imagined.


The Clever Tax Saving system is all about helping you keep more of the money you make.

This bonus alone could be worth tens of thousands… if not hundreds of thousands… once you start doing deals with the Free House Formula...


Here’s a quick recap of everything you’re getting instant access to today when you get started with the Free House Formula...


FHF Module 1: Basic Training$197 Value
FHF Module 2: Finding Great Deals$997 Value
FHF Module 3: Bank Bypass Solution$297 Value
FHF Module 4: Mortgage Magic Solution$297 Value
FHF Module 5: Money Merger Solution$297 Value
FHF Module 6: Closing the Deal$297 Value
Bonus #1: Done-for-You Explainer Videos$497 Value
Bonus #2: Point-and-Click Legal Contracts$1997 Value
Bonus #3: 30 Days Clever PRO (optional)$97 Value
Bonus #4: 1-on-1 Business Consultation$397 Value
Bonus #5: Clever Tax Savings System$297 Value

The Free House Formula is a plug and play roadmap to help you apply these strategies from ground zero. And your journey will look like this:

This is an investment into your future and into your family’s future. And how do you put a value on being able to cash big checks, build real wealth and change your life?

But I had to put a price on it.

I had originally planned to sell this program for $997 as I have many of my programs in the past. After all, you’re getting my 3 best money making strategies. So while I could have easily charged $997 (and if you’re smart you would have paid it) I decided to make this affordable for everybody.





ONLY $97


When you get started with the Free House Formula right now you get everything!

Everything you need to start doing deals today for a tiny one time-investment of $97!


This Could Be You!



I’ve had countless students step up and cash in but now it’s YOUR turn. I want YOU to be my next success story...

  • Take relaxing vacations
  • Provide your family the nice things they deserve
  • Finally have that sense of financial security no matter what the market throws at us

And like so many of my other successful students, you can do this in your spare time without an ounce of experience.

So if you want to take control over your financial future, gain an edge over other investors, and ride the current economic wave don’t miss out on this one.



Click the button below and let’s do this thing together. You’ve come this far for a reason. Don’t delay because opportunities like this don’t come around very often...



Fortune favors the bold and there will never be a better time to make your move. In fact, I promised you I was only leaving the bonuses up for a limited time.

And when I make a promise, I deliver on that promise...EVERY TIME.

So the next time you come to this page...and if you see this offer anywhere again the bonuses will be gone. Because action is the key to all success.

And indecision especially right now, right before this new economic wave shows its ugly head, will set you up for failure.

The tidal wave of deals is coming and if you miss it, you miss it.

And I don’t think there will ever be another opportunity like this to get FREE HOUSES.

So the choice is yours, are you in or out?




3 Ways To Make Money With This Simple Formula...

This is real estate. It's future proof. And people will always need a place to live. Even if cars fly in the future they will always need a garage to be parked in!

What better asset than a free house that can...

  1. Put immediate cash in your pocket...
  2. Help you create monthly “mailbox money”...
  3. And provide a massive payout in the future if you decide to sell.

So sit on the sidelines and miss out on the biggest redistribution of wealth in American history and save a measly $97


Click the button below and join me and all my Clever Investor students who are KILLING using these 3 simple money-making strategies.



When you join me and my community of Clever Investors...

You’ll never be in this thing alone.

So with that said, I hope you find the courage to find out what is truly possible.

And for those of you who did step up and join me… way to be!

I look forward to seeing you in the member’s area and more importantly...

I hope we make lots of money together!